Multicultural Family Center Testimonials


We’re excited about all of the good things that are happening in Dubuque. And we’re honored to have others share their thoughts about the role we’ve played in making some of those good things happen. When you read some of their stories, we hope you’ll be excited too. 

What People Are Saying
When people talk about our [Future Talk] projects I like to be able to say ‘I did that.’
- Mindy P., Dubuque
The Multicultural Center is a gift to the community; a focal point of peace and love amongst the diverse residents and visitors.
- Jai Karta, Dubuque
The facility is beautiful and so nice:) also the staff is sooo friendly!!
- Alysia T., Dubuque
It’s nice of the Center to help me with my homework.
- Jameessa, Dubuque
The use of your computers and help with my resume from the staff and volunteers is the reason I got the job. Thank you.
- Belinda, Dubuque
The people of the Midwest are very, very nice!
- Hala Hilal, Dubuque
I feel so good. I never knew doing that kind of stuff [Future Talk community service] makes you feel good inside.
- Nazaree, Dubuque
My son DaShawn took a class at the Multicultural Family Center and just loved it. Could not wait for Saturday's to come around. Keep up the good work guys.
- Al T., Dubuque
I learned more from the three classes I had taken [in Spanish class at the MFC] than I did in three years of studying on my own.
- Jackie R., Dubuque
I love to come to the MFC. They provide me with a wonderful tutor for homework and have many opportunities to learn about different cultures, and taste different food from around the world.
- Allisun H., Dubuque
I really like coming to the MFC, especially for Hip Hop dance class.
- Alam E., Dubuque
The programs here teach you about diversity and how to maintain different things while having fun and working together.
- Dionna A., Dubuque
It was an awesome experience and a wonderful opportunity to be a part of such an exciting group. I loved the thought process behind this drive--introducing people about different culture and background and promoting a sense of togetherness.
- Avinash Sokhi, Dubuque
We like coming to the MFC because my daughter loves Mexican Folkloric Dance Class. Also, I don’t speak any English, so they help me fill out applications and have tutors to help my children with school work.
- Silvia M., Dubuque
The MFC is a great place for my family. In the past, my older children participated in several teen programs, and my younger children love to come to the Center for programs and the computers.
- Jennifer G., Dubuque
I liked learning about writing stories. MFC camps are a great opportunity for someone who likes to read, write, and have fun over the summer… like me!
- Sibani R., Dubuque
We’re inspired by the stand that the MFC is for oneness, inclusivity and community transformation!
- Scott & Julia T., Dubuque
We love coming to family programs, such as family cooking class. It’s fun to learn to cook new foods, and we even taught a class together
- Tammy & Megan L, Dubuque
My family particpates in several programs the center has to offer. We all love the MFC! The staff is great & the facility is very nice. Well Done!
- Crystal K., Dubuque
Since we came to Dubuque three years ago, the MFC became a second home to us in terms of its family-like, good-humored, caring and embracing atmosphere.
- Krystyna & Stephen S., Dubuque
We like to come to the MFC because it has educational programs like computer class, family cooking night and also they help the Latino community with interpreters and translations.
- Juanita R., Dubuque
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